Hugo Alonso, Inc. (HAI) adopts safety as a corporate culture. Aligned with NAVFAC, USACE and EM 385-1-1 safety standards, HAI's safety program is based on the following:

  • Establishing each individual's safety responsibility;
  • Continuous safety training and development;
  • Eliminating risks and hazards through our risk identification process, which includes identifying and assessing hazards, and implementing and supervising controls;
  • Reporting near misses; and
  • Incorporating lessons learned into our safety program

On each jobsite, our safety culture is fostered through:

  • Induction at the beginning of the project and each definable feature of work;
  • Weekly toolbox meetings on general safety awareness, site hazards and risks; and
  • Performance, reporting and compliance incentives.


Our QA/QC program is designed to minimize risk, continuously improve and ensure customer satisfaction. Our program is based on the following underlying principles:

  • Identify potential risks early;
  • Implement the three phases of Quality Control for each definable feature of work;
  • Sound reporting, tracking, and submittal management;
  • Fully integrate the design-build team; and
  • Implementation of standardized plans, procedures and organizational structure to carry out the QC process.

What our Clients are Saying

"The safety program was excellent. All the required Activities Hazard Analysis were well prepared and submitted in a timely manner. A safety meeting with subcontractors was held weekly"

"The quality of workmanship was excellent. All the contract work was done according to contract plans and specifications. There were multiple occasions that the contractor performed above and beyond the contract requirements"
   - Jay Sithideth, Construction Manager,                                  FEAD Point Loma